Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stagnation as far as the eyes can see

Jesse, host of a very popular blog gave an excellent interview with Ilene of MarketShadows. The whole interview is worth a read and has nuggets of intelligent observations.

Some excerpts from the interview:
The Fed stabilized the patient, but the patient remains in the ICU because the doctors cannot agree on the treatment. And of course, the medical directors are stealing the medicine and selling it on the black market. So we have quite the dilemma.
The credibility trap is preventing genuine reform, and the financial system is continuing to distribute the bulk of all new income growth to the wealthiest few, which leaves the vast middle with little discretionary income to fuel demand and organic growth. It is a false equilibrium, but these can last for a decade or more. It really depends on what causes things to change. But change will come.

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